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Five Ways to Get the Most out of a Fashion Fair

June 6, 2018
Author: Anton Dell

1. Position

Correspond with the organisers of the trade show and try to make sure that you have a suitable pitch for your brand. Stands positioned nearer to the front of the fair are likely to do better business - make it clear that you don’t want to be stranded at the back of the exhibition space. It also makes sense to be surrounded by brands aimed at a similar market to your own.

2. Make contact

Contact all of your potential clients in advance of the fair, inviting them to come and see what your brand has to offer. Try to put across a striking message that will attract clients to your brand and don’t include any unnecessary detail - you want your invitation to stand out. The promise of a special discount or free gifts to those placing orders at the fair is one way of attracting people to your stand.

3. Presentation

Bear visual merchandising in mind and try to arrange your stand in an eye-catching and uncluttered way. Strong lighting combined with a black interior is one way to make your products stand out. Use of bold colours can also be effective. Make sure that your stand is approachable and position your products at the front to make them as accessible as possible. Have a stack of visiting cards ready for potential clients to take. These should never be printed on black card as this makes it impossible to take down any notes.

4. Service

Offer specific, helpful detail to those looking at your products and avoid the phrase, "Can I help you?" as this is too generalised. Be ready to provide potential clients with any information they may want to know about your brand.

5. Follow through

Check back in with the potential clients who have visited your stand and perhaps ask them for some feedback. You may also want to send out a digital catalogue to refresh their memories of your products and allow them to access important information about your brand.


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