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First Look: ‘Remote Sales’ with Joken Style

November 8, 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

The face of buying has dramatically changed since the start of the pandemic, meaning brands, agents and showrooms alike have had to quickly adapt. For many, domestic and international travel has been off the cards, opting to play on the advantages of virtual selling. Some showrooms have taken the benefits to run with, creating services that cater to the new needs of brands post-pandemic.

We caught up with Eme Mizioch, owner of Joken Style showroom, to hear about their new ‘Remote Sales’ service.

Tell us about Joken Style. What’s the showroom history—and how did you become part of the team?

I’m the owner of Joken Style showroom, based in the heart of LA's fashion district. We cater to the top USA Major retailers, specialty boutiques and online sites as well as accounts worldwide.

How did the showroom navigate COVID-19? How did you need to adapt?

Creating more of an online presence, we utilized ordering platforms such as JOOR and Nu-order. ZOOM was a lifesaver for us. As soon as the lockdown was lifted and we were able to return to the showroom, ZOOM calls were held on the hour, every hour, every day to meet the demand of our buyers' needs. Shipping samples directly to our buyers was also super helpful when needed.

‘Remote Sales’—the Service

After the effects of COVID, many brands are looking for sales services over the showrooms themselves. Growing numbers of buyers are requesting virtual meetings in place of needing to travel. Bringing the best of both worlds together, Joken Style has created a ‘Remote Sales’ service, perfect for any brand that wants to try out USA sales without a large financial commitment. For monthly service fee, you’ll receive one-on-one sales representation for your brand. Just like a showroom, but at half the cost.

Please note this service is for road and virtual meetings—only a smaller sample range of a collection is needed.

How did you come up with the idea?

Now that ZOOM meetings and working remotely has become second nature and no one is in a rush to head back to the office, the need for more online and digital services has become.

What do you offer through your ‘Remote Sales’?

Most importantly, a sales rep for each brand to work directly with our top accounts, overseeing the marketing and sales strategy that will work best for your brand. Brands will also have a weekly email to our entire database, sales calls, and virtual meetings with each buyer. There are also submissions to style pulls for press when applicable.

Which kinds of brands are your sales services designed for?

This service is great for Ready to Wear, Womenswear and contemporary brands, as well as swimwear, accessories, shoes, menswear, and private label. Immediate stock and a USA logistic centre is also a huge help for any new brand starting sales with the USA Market.

In such unpredictable times, what advice can you offer to new brands looking to get their foot in the door of a showroom?

Immediate stock!

What do you think brands want from agents/showrooms moving into 2022?

Sales, sales, sales!

What’s next for Joken Style?

We have been working on a sister site GNS—similar to a JOOR but with more features that cater to the sales rep's needs. We hope to launch GNS at the start of the new year.

Launching in November, contact the Anton Dell team to find out more about their ‘Remote Sales’ service.


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