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FAQ from a Recent Interview with Anton Dell

FAQ from a Recent Interview with Anton Dell

17 December 2014
Author: Martin Zirfas

Q: Is it still possible to find agents for the winter 2015 season?

A: Yes, it certainly is. There are hundreds of agents out there still looking for that one special extra collection to add to their portfolio.

Q: Why are you so successful in finding agents and distributors worldwide?

A: There are two reasons: first of all, we have been collecting data on agents and distributors worldwide for 19 years now and currently have the largest database in the world, with more than 40,000 contacts listed. Secondly, as we are the only company in the world offering this service, we are fortunate to have the market to ourselves.

Q: We know it can be difficult finding agents and distributors; what is your record of success?

A: We find agents and distributors for 90% of our clients.

Q: Can you find agents and distributors in every country in the world, even including China and South America?

A: We can find agents in all the major trading countries in the world where that business model exists; however, in Asia and the Middle East, the role of the independent agent and distributor is less well developed. This is, however, changing fast and within the next year or two, we will find more and more agents emerging in these areas.

Q: Could you explain the kind of people who work in the consultancy?

A: I am lucky enough to be working with a team of highly qualified professionals.  Like myself, they all come from a fashion background and each one is an expert in a different field, from marketing to graphics and, of course, research. We all feel very passionately about the work we do - we help people grow their business internationally.  It is extremely satisfying to be able to help people in this way.

Q: That sounds very impressive- how many brands were connected with agents in the last months by the consultancy?

A: In the last months, we have found new agents for 64 brands in 26 countries worldwide. In some cases, we have found agents in more than one country. We have even found German agents for German brands and the same for American brands in USA!

Q: I notice you have helped many famous brands such as Miss Sixty, French Connection, Ecco shoes and many more - what about all those small companies out there?  Can you help them as well?

A: In fact, most of our clients are small and medium sized companies.  We especially love to help start up companies - but they do need to have been trading successfully for at least a year or two.  We also mentor companies who need that extra help.

Interviewed on the 15th of December, 2015

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FAQ from a Recent Interview with Anton Dell