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Fabulous Peruvian Knits at Peru Moda

Fabulous Peruvian Knits at Peru Moda

18 December 2014
Author: Anton Dell

My second trip this April took me to South America, to Lima in Peru. I got asked by the trade show organisation Perú MODA, which operates one of the biggest fashion fairs in Peru, to take part in a conference. This conference was organised by ADEX, the Peruvian export association. South America is on the rise in terms of the fashion industry and people from all over Latin America come to Lima for Perú MODA. The exhibition site is very unusual and beautiful, being close to the beach in Lima!

The conference was held at a town centre with more than 300 attendees: manufacturers, brands, retailers and fashion students. The main language of communication was English but a translator was present who simultaneously translated into Spanish. Funnily, he was from Scotland and spoke Spanish with a Scottish accent!

Many manufacturers in Peru have specialised in the production and export of textiles such as pima cotton, cashmere, and alpaca wool. There are many small manufacturers who continue to work with these fabrics, producing top quality knitwear. One of the most interesting brands I was introduced to at this conference is the womenswear brand Kero Design. Based in Peru, Kero Design produces high quality knitwear with zigzag patterns, which reminds me a bit of Missoni. The knitting in Peru is mainly done in small co-operatives/villages and the techniques date back more than 100 years. This is representative of the strong emphasis on craftsmanship when it comes to the production of clothes in this country.

I had strong and positive feedback from the attendees; hence we look forward to further collaborations with ADEX in 2015! I am very excited to see how our project will develop next year. Apart from that, 2 Peruvian brands started working with us and I got to see stunning work from up and coming Peruvian designers who took part in an extraordinary catwalk show.

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