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Eco-Friendly Brands at Anton Dell

Eco-Friendly Brands at Anton Dell

27 November 2015
Author: Anton Dell

There is an ever-increasing demand for ethical, eco-friendly fashion.  A growing number of brands are considering their impact on the environment and aiming to instill eco-friendly values into every part of their process.  Consumer awareness and interest in these companies is on the rise and people are starting to care more about where their clothes come from and how they are made.


Here is an introduction to 10 brands we work with which place importance on sustainability:

Do You Speak Green?

This brand specialises in eco-friendly casual wear and yoga wear for men, women and children. Not only is the brand kind to the environment, it is also very affordable, ensuring that the green message can be spread to all.



Inspired by the Australian coast, this womenswear label specialises in beautifully made, loose fitting pieces and works exclusively with ethical manufacturers.



Sustainability is at the heart of this label, which employs innovative pattern cutting techniques to truly stunning effect.



This footwear brand uses all-natural materials down to the distinctive moss-green soles featured on all of their shoes.



Epitomising guilt-free fashion, Ono bags are made from 100% natural materials and are also vegan, biodegradable and fair trade.



Chic, minimalist and ethically-produced, the LOULU ET TU womenswear brand has been in the business of making beautiful clothes for 70 years.



This New Zealand knitwear brand specialises in fine merino wool pieces which it produces in Auckland to the highest ethical standards.



This brand based in Amsterdam can fulfil all of your leatherwear needs, from iPad covers to trolley bags. Fireflies uses bio leather in all of its designs and each piece in its collection is handmade by artisans in Italy.



Swimwear and underwear brand Mosmann stock an eco-friendly bamboo range for both men and women.


Kero Design

This Peruvian knitwear brand won an award for its innovative manufacturing process and holds a Certification of Fair Trade Good Practice.  The company employs local craftspeople and aims to maintain traditional techniques.


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