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Driving Sale Success for Moccasins

Driving Sale Success for Moccasins

24 July 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

As avid global consumers, we are no strangers to finding our feet when it comes to footwear. Whether we want aesthetic beauty or daily practicality, we can be sure to find product suitability within the market. But what if we don’t want to compromise? For these customers, the comeback of moccasins could provide the answers…


Moccasins are steeped in history, defined as a ‘heelless shoe of soft leather, the sole of which may be hard or soft and flexible’. Originally manufactured and worn by Native Americans, moccasins have changed as they have moved around the world. The style first became adapted to suit different terrains and climates, and have since stood the test of time. As moccasins moved from a historic comfort shoe of choice to a more luxury item, the market saw the likes of Gucci showcasing the style in the 1960s and their appearances in both French and American Hollywood movies. Moccasins had become progressively democratised – their ease and practicality now able to take the global market by storm.


Fast-forward to now and the new incarnation is the driving moccasin, a ‘contemporary version of the Native American moccasin, with the addition of rubber-pad soles, adding to the versatility and longevity of the shoe whilst maintaining the flexibility and comfort of the traditional form’. Still utilising the materials of the original, driving moccasins were first seen in the 1990s, with particular success in Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The dimples on the outer sole of the shoes provided the advantage of maintaining grip on car pedals throughout driving. Now the style can be regularly seen on the high street in a variety of colours, styles and sizes.


Anton Dell brand Holidots are one of the leading forces behind crafting driving moccasins for the 21st century, encompassing all forms for all tastes. As well as offering a wide collection of moccasins for both men and women in every style for every season, there is also the option of personalization if you just can’t choose. You pick the material, the style and the colour and Holidots can make sure you’ll be wearing moccasins made especially for you…

To get to know the collection, visit Holidots's profile! The brand is currently looking for agent(s) in France. Interested agents apply at https://antondell.com/application-form/

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