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Does One Size Really Fit All?

December 6, 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

As another year draws to a close, you don’t have to look hard to find how much of an influence technology has been in the fashion industry throughout 2018. Although fashion is a notoriously slow-burner for picking tech up and running with it, many areas have started to feel the benefits, such as the faces of retail and marketing. With 2019 drawing closer, another area of customer service looks likely to be getting a technological helping hand – an updated version of tailor-made custom clothing.

What do we mean by ‘Custom Clothing’?

The truth of the matter often is that the majority of us are walking around on a daily basis in ill-fitting clothes. This most comes down to a lack of restriction on standard clothing sizes – despite organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), there is still no ‘one size fits all’ approach to how different companies go about sizing their garments. The other issue to combat is that of ‘vanity sizing’, the process of stores labelling clothing in a smaller sizing than it actually is. Though this may seem unethical, stores are right in thinking consumers are happier buying what they believe to be the right fit, rather than what actually does. But what if we could get rid of sizing altogether? Across the globe, companies are starting to find ways, with the help of technology, to combat this problem the mass market has made for itself.

What are these new approaches?

Currently, many companies are opting for a ‘DIY’ approach – getting their customer base to give over their exact measurements and preference information. According to Deloitte Research, 71% of consumers are prepared to pay premium prices for extra personalisation in their wardrobe, making this an extremely lucrative market. Using automated technology combined with knowing a customer more intimately could ensure that clothes are produced more domestically, with efficiency levels increasing and prices becoming more cost competitive. However, Japanese brand ZOZOTOWN are taking this one step further by eliminating standard apparel sizing with their aptly names ‘ZOZOSUIT’. The suit itself is an at-home smart measuring garment, using 300-400 unique dots to measure a customer’s body through the lens of their smartphone camera. Through an audio-guided process on their app, a 3D render can be sent to the ZOZO website in all of 3 minutes. While this seems like an ingenious solution to an on-going problem, whether the consumer will be reluctant to commit to the ZOZOSUIT process still remains to be seen. Regardless, as technology continues to steal the limelight within the industry itself, it looks extremely likely that sizes may indeed become a thing of the past.

Image credit: Pexel


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