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Did the ‘New Look’ Pure London February 2016 Show Deliver?

Did the ‘New Look’ Pure London February 2016 Show Deliver?

26 February 2016
Author: Vesta Zemaite

Last season, Pure London announced their ‘Progressive Programme,’ to be debuted at the Autumn/Winter 2016 show.  Improvements to the layout as well as the introduction of menswear and a more high-end ‘Pure Premium’ section were the most fundamental of the planned changes.

I attended the show and can now share our experiences of its ‘new look’…

The changes to the layout are most certainly an improvement - the show felt welcoming and accessible and I found it easy to navigate. Overall, it was strikingly reminiscent of the Modefabriek show in Amsterdam.

The organisers targeted most of the talks at independent brands, with discussions on online consumer engagement and e-commerce taking precedence.

Despite all of this however, brands have reported that the new and improved show still struggled to attract a decent number of buyers. It is also becoming ever more apparent that obtaining a good pitch position is crucial. The brands that did lots of business at the show were most often located in prime positions.

Some brands were surprised not to have come across many agents at the show. This can be explained by the fact that Pure London is held in the middle of the buying season and so agents are busy focusing on sales, which surprisingly (or not) often take place outside the trade show – on the road, in pop-up showrooms or hotels, et cetera. The increasing financial capital required to put up a prime stand at a trade show unfortunately does not always seem to bring a return on investment. Agencies, with their established network of buyers, can therefore sell equally successfully using the aforementioned platforms.

We always advise that brands secure an agent before attending trade shows so that the agent can help attract buyers to your stand.

It will be interesting to see how Pure London develops and grows as a show following this renewed appetite for change.

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