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Diary of an agent from: Bilbao, Spain

June 30, 2020
Author: The One Showroom

Spain picture from The One Showroom, textile distributors from Bilbao.

Thinking in how to show the collected info from customers and how to show our feelings, fears and challenges one idea has raised in my mind: it’s time to re-think, it’s time to re-build, it’s time to re-live.

And how to do it? Betting. Betting our efforts, time, money with new and brave brands who are able to think that there is a way to get the goals and understand that time is needed for it, maybe more than before.

After several round calls around Spain during the lockdown and after it, we have several and different reactions from the customers: there the ones who have sold a lot during it, working with social media , websites, etc. also we have the ones that have tried it but without being lucky ( just a few) and the most of them: the ones who stayed at home waiting for help and wishing things would improve. Some of them got the Spanish government help and other ones not.

I’ve heard that in other countries agents or distributors have been able to work with Zoom or other platforms with their customers: it hasn’t been our case. We haven’t done anything similar: we have spoken with them and they need time: time to pay, time think what would they do, time to sell…. And it’s normal, they have had their shops closed since march 13th to June, near sales. Here it’s hot and time to sell formal jackets (also there are not weddings or events to be dressed with them), leather, etc has gone. They have started with sales, but this sales period is being estrange cause some days they sell very well and other ones nothing. And our work is to give them secureness. What are we doing to give it? We have already given to them and extra time of 120 days for paying, so they will pay in 180 days after negotiating new conditions with their banks, also we cancelled winter orders and we are rebuilding their orders these days: they want to buy, they want to help us, but they reach where they reach and they can’t buy more. Also we have the feedback from several international brands that haven’t helped them and they won’t buy further those brands, the ones who haven’t help them are the ones who are going to suffer, but not now directly, in the next season.

This last sentence is read by us as an opportunity, a great one. We only need to be in the market the next months and new gap are going to appear , we , the distributors and agents, must be fast and clever: see the gaps and fill them, cause the customers want to be with us. Also we must take care of the customers for the next season in a different way, being near to them and having what they need with a fast reaction ( very easy to say and very difficult to do it).

Of course, everything depends on the final customers, some of them wear masks, some not, there are places with new infections and other ones that are clear. Of course, in our country they are trying to have the picture of being normalized cause we need tourism, Spain walk on that business in many cases and, as far as I have seen in different areas the tourists are not here at all, just a few of them.

When I think in next season, it’s unavoidable to thin also in a winter free of covid, and no one can guess what’s going to happen. So many things could happen then, let’s see what will be on .

Anyway , just remember: our grandfathers and grandmothers lived the first and second world wars, the Spanish civil war, …. And they followed, they found a way and we are here, so, we must be sure that we will find it.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/@kaboompics


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