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Diary of a brand from the Netherlands

August 4, 2020
Author: Staunton

Staunton Legend – Amsterdam

Being present in the present.

The retail climate in the Netherlands is at the moment very uncertain.

There is not one line to find how we can define this.

For most of all shops, big or small is it very hard at the moment.

Some shops decide to stop, due to effect of corona, or maybe it is getting too complex for some older shops.

It is necessary to stay in tune with new actualities like web shops and social media, otherwise the relevancy is not strong/clear enough for shoppers/consumers.

Or maybe the pleasure is going away for lot of shop holders.

At the other side we see lot of great initiatives from people who are willing to dive into new ways of do their business, like promoting at socials, local delivery service etc.

It is always good to find ways to connect with your customers, stay in touch and be visible.

With a new brand is even more important, because people are not yet familiar with the new brand, it is important to focus on this part of the business.

If we see it just only for our Brand, we see after some Publicity in the National News Paper last and Glossy magazine Nouveau: We collaborate with a Dutch famous Photographer she is an well-known personality, and that makes people understand more what we stand for, locally , in our own shop, we get all kinds of positive reactions but also in other parts of the Netherlands people getting to know us. We see that it’s very important to collaborate, also with shop holders, to organize brand-events in store for example. It is a way to get the attention of customers and it helps to built a relationship with the shop holders.

We have organized a brand-event in a new Shop where we are present for a while and invited also our Dutch famous Photographer.

Corona rules make things like this delicate, just a small number of people could be there together during the day, so via invitation per email we gave customers a chance to meet this famous Photographer.

That makes it excited also. We went live on social media during the event. That makes the whole event like this complete.

After the publicities in the Newspaper and glossy magazine Nouveau we got a lot of reactions of interested consumers, wanting to know more about Staunton, and where to buy it.

People want to see and feel new brands, that’s my conclusion.

People want to relate to brands, it is part of human identity.

For us this is a learning process , and we know that we need to show our Brand Values much more, when we do, when we show Staunton Legend much more to the world, in the media, in the right publications: a lot more people are attracted to us immediately.

We are this new brand, being present in the present with a fresh mindset, luxury and sustainable, with compact capsules, we embrace real life, real stories, and we collaborate with people who are very relevant, like journalist/photographers, they have also a fresh mindset, that is what we have in common and want to see and show the world like it is.

The Sales strategy for this year in the Netherlands to get us in other stores, we start again from August/September, is to build relationships with shop holders, via collaborations for example, we invest time, invest in our creativity and organizing events together.

Shops are cautious at this stage due to effect of Corona, so to help them create a good atmosphere during an event, be there too, show interest in the customers and simply connect.

Future plans:

With the Staunton Legend team most important for us now is working on relevant publications, media, social media content, in line with the website.

We continue to focus and refocus on most necessary and most relevant things to let Staunton Legend grow as a brand and create the right brand feel.

Furthermore for this year we built our relationships with our agencies in the UK, France and Benelux.

The coming years we are planning new collaborations with agencies close to our origins like Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

From the start we are working on an international worldwide brand and collection capsules.

We do feel we are suitable for a much more diversity in selections of countries further away from our origins like Japan, UAE, South Korea, Canada and US.

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