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Decide to Thrive or Just Survive

August 15, 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

As many of us are now all too aware of, retail is both a volatile and unpredictable place to be. The landscape is one that is constantly changing, with many in the industry being swept along with it, being left to run before they can walk. So how do businesses make the best of a bad situation, and turn the uncertain negatives into a long-term positive?

Putting customers at the forefront

The selling game has turned from a supply to a demand driven world, the monologue that once existed between brand and customer becoming a multi-channel ongoing conversation. Although it is a point already well noted, those that fail to adapt will be left behind – having a digital presence is essential! Shopper’s requests are now to have things done by yesterday, no longer bound by the ‘localised only’ selections of years gone by. Brands now have to move more quickly than ever and also become less centralised – meaning the priority of customers themselves now must come at the beginning, rather than at the end. If you look towards the root causes of change rather than the symptoms, you can ensure you are at the forefront and ready to thrive.

Strategy as part of "The Big Picture"

If you’re a company doesn’t think beyond your day-to-day routine, you’ll be certain to run into trouble before long. Brands need to continuously look to the bigger picture, and keep developing strategies to grow the business – keeping in mind the excitement and drive that got your started. If you struggle to manage the details of your brand, invest in help. Profits, inventory and cash flow are just some of the financial kinks that will need to be ironed out to make sure your ship really does remain strong and stable, as well as efficient enough to deal with any other bumps and bruises.

How To Balance Focus and Flexibility

Lastly, give your brand and everything that might come along with it the time it needs and deserves. New businesses in particular can face the problem of devoting too much energy to one particular aspect, especially when promotion is needed to get the company off of the ground. If actions such as this are almost subconsciously continued, your brand will have more flexibility to change and to focus on any areas needed with little disturbance. Time is of the essence, but it is also key – ride through market turbulence with your brand at its strongest and there will no need to ‘just survive’…


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