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CPM: climbing its way up and up

CPM: climbing its way up and up

25 February 2017
Author: Author: Vesta Zemaite

One of the most successful trade fairs in Eastern Europe to date – CPM – has just closed yet another Autumn Winter trade show. For those of you who are looking into expanding into the market, we have gathered some insights on the show and the market landscape from Christian Kasch, Project Director at CPM.

According to Mr Kasch, CPM is well functioning, busy orders fair and an international platform, for good business and customer relations. Even though it has a rocky past, CPM promises a strong return in the future.

CPM is fair with its choice of exhibitors, combing a mixture of small brands and big companies. Using an arrangement of young designers, creators of handmade accessories and larger companies, the CPM brand is incredibly inclusive and supportive of its exhibitors. After a speedy recovery from compounding issues between Russia and Turkey, the market made a noticeable upturn from the impact, and the trade show is picking up again as a reflection of that. Climbing its way back up the ladder following an unsteady two years in the Russian market whereby exhibitor numbers had fallen significantly, the latest tradeshow welcomed over 1,000 brands from 25 different countries.

Though a rocky ride in the Russian market, CPM understands that the fashion industry is developing and moving quickly. Mr Kasch notices that there are segments and sections growing together in the right direction within the industry. For example, previously shoe suppliers would only exhibit at shoe fairs but are now being spotted more and more at fashion fairs. The same goes for lifestyle products and for the beauty sector, as they both have an increasing focus on the fashion world. This is not surprising considering the growing trend of concept retailing. Consumers are in search for a more holistic experience in stores; consequently buyers, as well as agents, are expanding the portfolios of brands offered by segment.

Talking of agents or distributors, Mr Kasch is in agreement with us on the importance of partnering with a local representative when expanding into the market. CPM recognises the effectiveness of the Anton Dell network and the support given by the consultancy, especially to those brands less experienced in exporting, and are now recommending the Anton Dell network through its partner’s site. As an add-on service, CPM have also launched the ‘WANTED’ tool where brands in seek for partners can register themselves. “Agencies or distributors on the look-out for brands can have a look at these registered firms in a kind of “Brandbox” and then establish direct contact. The process is not monitored by us, but we do know that some brands have found good agencies here”, Christian Kasch, Project Director, CPM.

With more and more tradeshows introducing workshops and mentoring sessions, in an effort to help uplift brands in terms of export, business and marketing agendas, CPM offers comprehensive seminar programs focused on trend, fashion and retail. Entitled RFRF (Russian Fashion Retail Forum), CPM understand that the educational aspect of the business is helpful to further education. These seminars and workshops are offered to visitors free of charge and goes down very well with visitors who take advantage of it.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have further insights on the Russian and Eastern European market or consider expanding into it.

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