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Coterie of Shows

Coterie of Shows

22 September 2016
Author: Anton Dell

I have been attending the Coterie fashion fair in New York for years now – it was established in 1986.  In these years, I have seen its evolution from a stand-alone fair into its current assimilation with the other New York shows at The Javits Center in the heart of Manhattan: Moda, Edit, Sole Commerce, STITCH, TMRW, Children’s Club, Accessories Show, Fame, and Sourcing, with one entry fee for all. 

The innovation seems to have been successful, with the fairs sold out.  Coterie in particular had a long waiting list.  Together, these fairs represent a comprehensive picture of the garments entering the key American market.  This is one of the most important groupings of shows in the US and among the best attended, with buyers flying in from all over the country and indeed from all over the globe.  The presence of Japanese buyers was particularly notable.

I made note of the popularity of the stands representing Italian brands, which were often busier than that of American brands.  The evergreen appeal of Italian manufacturing and the support of the Italian trade board has evidently been effective.

This was not unique however; there were many non-American brands showing and all seemed busy to my eyes.  I spoke to a number of brand representatives, each one of whom felt that attendance was not as high as in previous years.  However, this was an opinion which the organisers did not echo, at least publicly; they told me that they were very satisfied with the attendance which was on a par with last year.

I was also interested to see the added value offered both to brands and to attendees, with workshops, seminars, and other advantages made available.  In the past this has not been the case.  The expanded mission of the fair is a development in common with fairs in Europe that I and members of The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy have visited.  It seems to show a changing mentality in the business and I am intrigued to see how it develops.

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