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Come Together: Exploring The Idea Of ‘Cross-Pollination’

July 12, 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

As we sift our way through the many news bulletins, articles and opinion pieces we are bombarded with on a (more than) daily basis, it can sometimes feel hard to make sense of the state that our current creative industries lie in. Despite this, no matter how unpredictable market sectors can be, beautiful things can be realised and created when ‘cross-pollination’ is in full effect. So how can each industry play a role in producing more of the positive?

What is ‘cross-pollination’?

Being able to re-organise or re-arrange what we already know can enable us produce brand new ideas with familiar resources. Cross-pollinating these ideas within business, and within industry, will only help to make the pair stronger. The source for such ideas can come from anywhere, and having a system in place to ensure you don’t miss a beat is essential. This can be comprised of the most basic steps, such as keeping up to date with books and website from outside your field, to enhancing on your networking skills. Asking how you could apply someone’s solutions to your own business could provide a much needed fresh perspective. You can also learn just as much from your customers, by staying in touch with their needs and building your services directly around them.

How else can I apply this?

If you do plan to look to other industries for ideas and inspiration, be prepared to look for love in all the wrong places. Industry titans, even those you might see as competition, could show the way to new techniques and provide lessons to be learned – after all, they will still be fighting the same battles that you are. Keep the innovation flowing by joining and creating groups that are made up of different members of industry, sharing the progress you might be making alongside any struggles you are facing. And if other industries aren’t providing the new ideas, the School of Hard Knocks might… looking back at your own failures is another great way of ensuring that your business keeps moving forward and in the right direction.

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