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Be a Clear, Transparent Brand!

September 26, 2017
Author: Anton Dell

According to a study by Label Insight, which looks at product data, 94% of all consumers would stay faithful to a brand if they were completely transparent. Huge!

What does brand transparency mean? How can a brand become more transparent?

You Don’t Have to Be Big

Brand transparency basically means allowing your customers to understand exactly how you do business. There should be no secrets. This also means that your brand can be honest about the mistakes that you have made. By being completely open, you give your customers power and choice. They can decide if they want to continue to buy from you. Your employees will also feel motivated to do better if they feel that customers are depending on them.

Today, the Internet allows any brand – even a tiny start-up – to make contact with the whole world. New brands may have stronger relationships with consumers than large corporations. This is why many big companies are buying smaller brands that have a good understanding of what brand loyalty means.

Word of Computer

Word of mouth has never been more powerful than it is now. Thousands of people could be a part of your brand’s successes and failures instantly if someone with a large social media following publishes something about you.

If your brand is able to be online in an active way, you will be able to fight negative comments quickly, and use positive ones to form strong relationships with your customers. Today’s customers do not want to buy from huge, faceless corporations. They want to interact with other human beings. If you reply to comments personally instead of sending automated responses, your customers will feel that they are important to your brand. They will feel more comfortable telling you what they want and need from your product or service, and they will start to build trust for your company. In short – they will begin to feel an emotional connection to your company.

Mothers aged between 18 and 34 are an especially important group when it comes to these issues. Transparency is key for them and they are often the ones making decisions about how to spend the family’s money. 86 percent of millennial mums would pay more for goods from a company that offers transparency.

You could also use your brand’s social media profiles and Internet presence to tell your customers about what is important to you. You can develop a character for your brand. From there, it will become much easier for your company to tell people about what you do and how you do it.

Ideally, your customers would be able to ask you questions that you answer directly and personally. This will go a long way towards establishing trust. You can deal quickly and publicly with any rumours about your company or product, instead of customers feeling that they are being manipulated by a large corporation.

Put a Face on It

How do you make your product? What goes into it? Who makes it and where? All of these things are becoming more relevant to many shoppers. This is a large part of transparency. The survey we mentioned before also found that 73% of consumers will pay more for a product if the company is totally transparent about it. But there are still so many companies who are not open about this type of information. Sharing it could mean that shoppers would be faithful to your company for life!

Since it is so easy to post photos or videos onto the Internet, why not take advantage and let your customers see exactly who they would be buying from? You could get creative. Office outing? Film everyone saying hi! At the workshop where your goods are made? Take a photo! A photo is worth a thousand words.

Your consumers will have their own priorities and care about different things. The more information you give them, the more control they will have to make sure that the money they spend goes to people and businesses that support what is important to them.

If You Don’t Give the Full Story, Someone Else Will

If you do not share all the information about how you do things and make your products, it will still be somewhere on the Internet – and your customers will find it. You will have more control if you are the storyteller, so tell that tale about your brand.


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