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Anton Dell Opinion Piece: Brexit

Anton Dell Opinion Piece: Brexit

24 October 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

Unless you have been living under a rock, stayed blissfully ignorant or have successfully dodged the daily headlines, Brexit is something that has remained at the forefront of both the public and political mind-set. Regardless of whether you voted remain or leave, the past three years have provided us with collectively the same amount of debate, pressure and uncertainty. In the lead up to October 31st and the uncertainty not looking to disappear, our team at The Anton Dell Fashion, Gift & Home Consultancy shed some light on how both brand and consumer could be affected.

According to market research firm GfK, our industry summer has been a tumultuous one in the eyes of the consumer base. At the start of July 2019, they found there was a ‘less pessimistic’ outlook on their finances, possibly due to low unemployment and wage growth. But after new research conducted at the end of August, consumer confidence had plummeted as the idea of a ‘No deal’ Brexit became more reality than nightmare. Nerves have increased in regards to personal financial situations, with GfK’s future figures looking to crash to a level not seen since 2008-2009 recession aftermath. The notion is now set that until Brexit makes its exit from our front-page headlines, opinions on consumerism – and the wider economy – will be altered.

For our consultancy, our Brexit related anxiety is nowhere to be seen. As a business-led company at the heart of the industry, we’re finding our wealth of work continuing to gain momentum, despite consistent media ‘scaremongering’, or reports of growing fear. Due to the current advantageous exchange rates, we also find our earnings have proportionately increased, as we are often paid in euros or US dollars. After twenty-five years, our database of agents and distributors are only growing, and appointments are made all across the world to meet our team, regardless of decreasing exhibition visitors.

What can always be relied on – in spite of financial, social and economic circumstances – is the knowledge that new brands will always form, products will always be made and agents will always sell. As we head into a new decade in the midst of constant uncertainty, maintaining a positive business attitude could ensure stability and calm in the swelling Brexit storm.  


Image source: © tostphoto - stock.adobe.com


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