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Anton Dell ABC

September 14, 2016
Author: Anton Dell

When brands sign up to work with us, we use our 2 decades of expertise dealing with agents and reps in export markets to introduce the brand to potential partners in the most suitable way possible.

Here at Anton Dell, we know what agents are looking for. Of course this varies from country to country and we are here to guide brands so they get the maximum out of the opportunity.

There are certain things we recommend you consider highlighting, as agents find these important. We thought we’d present you with a dictionary of terms which are particularly attractive to us when you use them or their synonyms to describe your brand – because they’re fish hooks which quickly bait sales agents, representatives and distributors.

It’s a good thing when language mirrors life.

Already Selling In: If your brand is retailing in the area where you are seeking representation, or if it has in the past, it’s wonderful validation for any sales representatives considering working with you.

Brand: What is the story of your brand? Why is it special? Why would an agent choose to represent your brand and not others? You are the best person to tell us this – and we will then spread the word.

CMT: If your brand presentation is appropriate, manufacturing expertise may draw agents.

Consignment: Selling on consignment is absolutely fabulous, darling!

Commission: A high commission – about 20% agent; 50% distributor – is naturally very attractive, although possibly tricky for you.

Delivery: Quick delivery, guaranteed delivery, free delivery – these all help us deliver sales reps.

Export: Are you already selling successfully in regions other than domestic? Even if you’re seeking representation in an entirely different part of the world, this would still say to sales representatives that you’ve made strides.

Fairs: Are you showing at exhibitions in the country where you are seeking representation, or have you shown at major trade shows? Tell us that!

Heritage countries: Production in a country such as Italy or France – or Mongolia, for cashmere! – is a signifier of quality.

Quality: Details, craftsmanship, the best raw materials… feed us with everything you can.

Marketing materials and/or stand: When you provide this free of charge, you’re giving your travelling salesmen their briefcases, so to speak.

NOS (Never Out of Stock): A guaranteed supply of product means no headaches for sales representatives or retailers. Just carrying stock is great, too.

Small collections: Easy for agents to handle – although when it comes to fast fashion or Pronto Moda, extensive ranges offered 4 times a year can be quite nice also.

Umbrellas: We love brollies, but we also love when your brand is part of a larger, established ‘umbrella’ company.

Value: Help us understand the real worth of your product, and we will pass that on.

Years: Of experience and expertise.

Z: Because that’s a fitting end to this alphabet.


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