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Agents, Say Hello to Orthotics Scanning

July 11, 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

Calling all agents…

The future of footwear is here, in the form of brand new shoe based technology. Aetrex world leading Orthotics scanning technology is pioneering the world of selling shoes as we know it, catering to a customer’s every individual need.

Approximately 72% of footwear consumers currently wear shoes with sizing issues that can lead to painful foot problems, possibly due to a lack of repeated measuring over time. Eradicating traditional problems of time-consuming methods and tedious waiting, new Aetrex scanning techniques use over 1300 infra-red LEDs and receptors to capture an accurate size of both the length and width of your foot – all in under 30 seconds. These scans can also identify other crucial information, such as arch type and pressure points.

A great example of these benefits in action is the Aetrex Flips, encompassing all the elements of their orthotic system into each and every pair. Built in arch support, dual density out sole for shock absorption, a cushioned toe post for comfort and a soft sole pattern for relief in high pressure areas are just some of the USPs on offer – who can say no to 100% comfort?

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy is looking for an agent to sell the technology of Aetrex Orthotics to retail shoe outlets and large groups– each sale will provide permanent on-going income to the agent for every orthotic machine installed in a shop. This is a great opportunity to earn with limited extended effort, as income is derived from each orthotic sold – so no new fashion to contend with! The Orthotics scanning technology is already selling with huge success in USA and in a growing number of European countries, with Scandinavia currently being the biggest market. On the top of the technology, the Aetrex flip flop range can also be sold along side the insole, to replicate the same comfort when home and not wearing shoes.

Aetrex Orthotics is focused on foot wellbeing, which makes it suitable for every kind of footwear store, both sports and fashion based. For more information and to get introduced to the company representative in the UK, please send us an enquiry to info@antondell.com to get ahead in offering the future of footwear!

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