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AFRICA FASHION RECEPTION: Africa is on the March

AFRICA FASHION RECEPTION: Africa is on the March

18 November 2016
Author: Anton Dell

In a unique event held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, 18 African fashion designers from 18 different countries met and showed the best of African fashion in a happy, bright and inspiring show.

The event was organized by Lexy Mojo Eyes, who is as exotic and charismatic as his name suggests, and it is through his magnetism and dynamic drive that this show happens. The idea of the event is to showcase to the world the overflowing talent available in Africa and to promote the craftsmanship and skill of each and every African country. The intention is to create and develop fashion sales throughout Africa and help to raise the standard of living through success and investment in people with talent.

As Lexy says: “…the African Fashion reception show is not just an event it is a movement, - with the theme that ‘Africa is the new inspiration for Global Fashion’. He goes on to say that his ambition is to expand the potential power of fashion to fight poverty by creating wealth through the empowerment of women and youths; through training, workshops and capacity building schemes. Lexy Mojo Eyes is hoping that through the initiatives like these, the movement will lead to the creation of jobs for tailors, creative directors, textile designers, models, cutters, pressers and everyone contributing to and involved in the African fashion industry.

The show was truly dazzling, with no lack of innovative ideas and bright colours that reflect the strong natural brightness we associate Africa with. Designers have showcased their talents to interpret the tradition in a contemporary way; to combine traditional style, technique, craftsmanship and contemporary cultures that infused the collections throughout. Humor was another interesting element I have picked up in the designs; it elevated the elegant collections in the most refreshing way.

This is only the beginning – watch out Europe and the far East – Africa is on the march.

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