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A Step-By-Step Guide to Meeting with Your Future Fashion Agent

November 27, 2015
Author: Anton Dell

After an agent expresses interest in representing your collection, we recommend setting up an eye-to-eye meeting if possible to discuss your collaboration. Here is a step-by-step guide, which will help you get organised:

1. Make sure you bring a few samples along. Ideally this should be a small selection of colour-coordinated pieces.

2. Inform the agent of the history of your brand and explain its most important selling points.

3. Follow this explanation up by asking about his/her history as an agent and find out which other brands he/she has been successful in selling. Find out whether they work from a showroom or present collections at stores. Ask how many potential clients he/she has in mind.

4. You also need to find out whether the agent exhibits at trade shows. If yes, you may be required to contribute financially. Agree with the agent that you will either pay the show organisers directly or that he/she will provide you with a receipt as proof that your participation has been accounted for.

5. Avoid asking the agent how many pieces they will be able to sell. You must set this target and initially your estimates should be conservative.

6. Do not request that your agent pay you for samples before they have been sent. If they intend to keep the samples, they should pay 50% of the cost after the selling season. Ideally, give the agent the option of returning samples to you.

7. Discuss and agree on commission.

8. If you are asked to support selling costs, be cautious. Find out the precise terms of the arrangement and ask if you can consider for 24 hours. During this period we will be able to advise you on how to proceed.


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