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A message from Anton to all brands and Agents

August 17, 2020
Author: Anton Dell

We have come through a difficult period and now although it's not over, it's time to look with positivity to the future and focus on what is good.

Covid and the lockdown has made us all rethink the way we run our brand and the agencies that represent them.
The brands have also had to rethink how they work and we see many signs of original thinking and creativity.

A number of brands that we know well have just got on with the job, booked their hotel shows, invited the buyers and have been pleasantly surprised that people have turned up and orders have been and continue to be placed.
Others who have been able to embrace the digital world have found is not that difficult and, in fact, sometimes easier to place orders relying on digital imagery.

Even those agents wary of the digital world have found that it can really help to interest a shop in a brand to make an appointment, than calling on the phone or sending emails.

Some of the digital platforms have been offering opportunities for brands that previously had low exposure to attract new clients with little effort - and the agents who choose to get involved, are also gaining business this way with not much effort from their side.

With all these new tools at our disposal, the future is much brighter than many of us have feared. Its not going to be always easy, but there will certainly be orders!

I am sure that once we find a way to stop Covid-19 or to keep it under control, we can look forward to a return to a high percentage of face to face buying in showrooms or fairs and then we may even miss the digital option - which will in any event probably remain as an alternative.

Good luck selling to all!
Warmest Regards

Anton Dell


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