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A Digital Entrepreneur Moni Rab, founder of IMONI Showroom Paris

A Digital Entrepreneur Moni Rab, founder of IMONI Showroom Paris

17 March 2021
Author: Mariana Girardi

A discussion with Moni Rab about her inspiration, with whom she works and her response to the changing world of fashion. Born in Hungary, having lived across the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and France. Moni Rab has so many exciting insights about the upcoming future of fashion for us to know. Her own digital showroom.

The IMONI Showroom: an ever-growing empire. Founded in 2015, an offline and digital sales agency with an in-house design, marketing and PR office in Paris focusing on fashion and lifestyle.

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Meet this amazing digital entrepreneur Moni Rab

Hi Moni, Thanks to virtual showrooms, brands can connect their collections with buyers from all over the world. So how are you choosing your brands?

Fashion and technology have always been deeply related. The digital showroom was founded in 2015. Throughout this pandemic, we are seeing that technology has completely changed our buyer's habits. Today, our buyers focus on top-quality, luxury designer brands and accessories. The buyers are always looking for quality and value, so they are paying attention to prices. By using our digital platform, we showed the world that online channels can be visually beautiful to match the standards of luxury fashion and fulfil their needs. We continue to drive the digital way through our Imoni showroom offering ground-breaking and socially engaging content to build each brand's label on an international level.

Could you tell us about the brands represented by the IMONI Showroom? And how does it work for a brand? 

We work together with RTW brands, for example, Mira Hayek, a Beirut-based ready-to-wear designer. And Claudia Castrase, the creator behind the fashion label of the same name. The Vicini d’Istanti garments allow freedom of expression. The brand Videmus Omnia focuses on innovative and unconventional fashion design, while drawing inspiration from the pioneers of modern art and music. Sergey Shabunin, a specialist in lightweight women's dresses, Ace Nayman, a true embodiment of a lifestyle combining youthful culture, sophistication and comfort, Paola Emilia Monachesi. There are also Loungewear brands such as Kleed as well as other accessory brands such as Fashion Drug, Christopher Michael Belt, Bes Paris, and finally our own brand, IMONI Stockholm. As mentioned above, our goal is to help young and changing brands create and penetrate the international market. The focus of our work is the presentation of a brand or a collection to the client using a CRM system as well as a mass email marketing system while at the same time promoting them with some marketing efforts and using our own social media channels. 

What can the customer do in a virtual showroom? 

First and foremost, we need to make the difference between a virtual, 3D, and digital showroom. As I said earlier, we've had it since 2015, when we noticed that buyers no longer have the budget or time to travel much in the fashion circuit around the world; a big part of the problem is time. So, they do a pre-screening online to find brands online. It was necessary to have a digital showroom, some sort of B2B online ordering system, or B2B platform where they can place orders and take a close look at the models with high-resolution photos and videos. Our new adventure, which we have been launching since summer 2020, is to create an RV showroom or a 3D showroom or a 3D experience for the buyer, first of all, to discover the brands in 3D by walking around the showroom using a web RV or with the use of RV glasses. Our goal is really to make a creative journey into the soul of the brand.

The fashion industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. What has been the impact of the pandemic on IMONI Showroom? What opportunities have emerged out of this pandemic? 

Since the pandemic, we have gone digital. As there is no live presentation, we have to meet online customers on zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Google meets as well as the Microsoft team. With this platform, we intend to promote more and more the digital showroom and hopefully the virtual showroom where we have transformed, the clothing of brands into digital.

As we create a cultural platform for Fashion Week, we launched our first Digital Fashion Week. We are adapting our digital innovation to its best fit. We no longer have any limits, as the internet is virtually limitless. Thanks to digital growth, we can accommodate many more brands and create an unforgettable online experience for shoppers.

As a digital showroom founder, where do you see the role of social media in fashion today?

Social media belongs to a community network that we must all learn to love. Without it, none of this will happen. I mean without connecting to all these different social networks together - with your fans, with your buyers - you will not be able to sell, thus it's a must. The youngest brand should enter the market with not only in mind how they can sell, but how to promote it. Once they enter the fashion industry, they must have enough capacity to cover the social media resources to create demand to attract attention. Get buyers' attention and raise their awareness of your brand so they will become attracted to buy. 

Would you say that digital showrooms simplify wholesale shopping?

Absolutely, they are both command and click platforms, ours is particularly user-friendly.  But for it to be effective, we need the brands to provide us with quality photos, closely following our guidelines for images.  It needs high image quality; we aim to run a large platform that is simple and easy to use for buyers we need brand support to follow the manual brands we provide them. It needs a clear image, simply a click, and the option for buyers to make a purchase or an order.

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