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A Daily Dose of Activewear

A Daily Dose of Activewear

19 April 2018
Author: Jasmine Waters

We’ve probably all done it. When you thought no one was looking, you’ve hit the supermarket in your sweats. Graced the salon in your sneakers. It turns out we’re not alone – activewear is increasingly becoming one with our daily lives.

Following the news that leisure brand Realbuzz have selected a London location for their first concept store, the activewear market is one being heavily capitalised on, branching into both everyday casualwear and luxury commodities. The industry is now said to be worth over $15 billion worldwide, overtaking the rate of growth of sports apparel as a whole. As consumers become more and more fitness oriented, brands have been able to design and create innovative products that have both fitness function and aesthetic appeal.

Arguably, no one has succeeded quite like giants Sweaty Betty and Lululemon, dominating the high street with their $100 yoga pants in tow. These price points prove not only are the likes of leggings going beyond fitness needs for many consumers, but the category is evolving in a kind of ‘premiumization’. The patterns of popularity and profit we are seeing are reminiscent of the past of denim, also re-invented as a high-end product. Each have the winning combination of durability, functionality and ability to be worn on numerous occasions a large number of times – ideal for life in the modern world.

Perhaps the success of activewear is not only down to garment versatility, but also their lack of boundaries and global appeal. Much like the world of denim, “athleisure” has a broad cultural significance, one of modernity and ease, bypassing the factors of race, age and gender. Nowhere can this be seen better than through Anton Dell’s brand MISS RUNNER, whose S/S18 campaign features women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. It’s easy to see how this category has been easily embraced by the consumers of today, as fitness and wellbeing are priorities at the forefront.

Another facet of activewear that’s tapping into our conscious is the effort to be sustainable. Companies such as D+K have recognised the style’s unique position to understand the effects, producing clothing that helps us make more responsible wardrobe decisions. According to experts, activewear can lead the ethical fashion charge and has the power to influence the industry and consumers alike.

So next time you run errands in your sports bra, hold your head up high with the knowledge that we’re all in the same boat – and look out for activewear on a high street near you…


Miss Runner is currently looking for sales representation in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in representing this brand, please fill in the Application form or send us an enquiry to info@antondell.com!


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