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For being a company that helps brands find agents and distributors in the main trade countries in the world, this gives us a unique chance to speak with both sides of the coin, agents on the expectations and fears coming into a selling season that was most unique, and brands, on stockpiling inventory by necessity, finding new ways of selling, at the same time as understanding that retailers could be more conservative on their order writing this season.

What agents around the world are saying about selling this season

5 October 2020

In Italy we waited until May 5th for reopening, we lived the lock down with extreme anxiety and listening to criticism from several independent journalists on how this emergency was faced, to the point of wondering if it really was worth the effort to make such a huge sacrifice, if it were commensurate to the entirety of the drama when it will seriously endanger deeply the economy of many micro enterprises! The bad management of this pressure has greatly ignited the awareness of Italian entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, 140,000 units which represent 24% of the total industries in Italy.

Diary of an agent from: Italy

10 July 2020