Wild South is a brand committed to providing you with relevant, seasonal collections that are a unique interpretation on contemporary casual fashion.

Wild South provides consumers with clothes from natural fibres that make you look good and feel great, allowing you to get on with living life to the fullest.

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“We believe that natural style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and wearing it your way. We are Wild South. ” Director, Wild South

Brand Profile

Wild South’s heritage as one of New Zealand’s original active wear brands results in knowing just how to combine function and fashion. In modern times, the performance attributes from Wild South’s past can be found throughout their contemporary lifestyle ranges. In a country where it can be frosty in the morning and 20 degrees by lunchtime it just makes sense to design clothes that can take you anywhere. For Wild South feel is just as important as fit. Each garment is crafted from some of the world’s finest fabrics, because what you put against your skin really matters. Wild South is a New Zealand company with an eye for quality that likes to do the simple things well.

Wild South uses high quality natural fibres, for functional and fashionable garments, offering effortless and enduring style.

Collections P/A
8-18 or S-3XL (Some sizes not included in certain styles)
Average Wholesale
AUD $18 - AUD $100
Collection Size
20 - 30 each collection
Competitive to
Country Road, Witchery, Rodd & Gunn, Kimberleys
Sits next to
Country Road, Witchery, Rodd & Gunn, Kimberleys
Country of Origin
New Zealand