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THE SCARF HUT makes the most unique, luxurious scarves for fashionable women everywhere. The scarves are far from ordinary; they are artistic, innovative creations in design that involve handicraft by skilled artisans. THE SCARF HUT only work with natural fibres like cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. Designers at THE SCARF HUT believe that what touches your skin and is meant to keep you warm must come from Mother Nature herself. Therefore, the company does not use any synthetic fibres. THE SCARF HUT scarves are far more sensuous than any of the other run-of-the-mill products that saturate the market today. 

“Our collection is the most craft-driven and hand-made range that can be found in our product category” Director, The Scarf Hut

Brand Profile

THE SCARF HUT makes two collections – Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer. Naturally, scarves being a seasonal product, the Autumn / Winter collections are larger than Spring / Summer. The company’s priority is bringing fashion and luxury together to satisfy the niche market, in order to become a leading brand in high-fashion apparel accessories.

Certain terms and conditions must be discussed and negotiated in advance. Delivery time for orders is 60 - 120 days.

Collections P/A
Scarf size: 20X70"; Stole size: 27X80"; Shawl size: 40X80"
Average Wholesale
USD $10 - $100 / 8€ - 88€
10-15% Agent/Rep commission. 20-30% Distributor
Collection Size
Competitive to
Ahujasons, Pashma, Ezma and Janavi
Sits next to
All high fashion and luxury apparel and accesory and boutique brands.
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