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Established 1922, the core of the Australian Accessories Co. is Australian made belts and braces for men. Additionally, the company offers bow ties, cufflinks, hankies, scarves, wallets, and belts for women and children. All goods are handcrafted in Australia, using techniques employed for more than 90 years.

The objective of the Australian Accessories Co. is to provide customers with the highest quality handmade accessories, accessible to all budgets.

The Australian Accessories Co. is already well-reputed for their prompt and speedy response to orders, which are delivered from stock within a few days.


“Our collections are broad, catering to both price-sensitive and mid-market luxury buyers. ” Director, The Australian Accessories Co.

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Belts: 32" - 70"
Average Wholesale
USD $19.00
12.5% agent; 30% distributor
Collection Size
338 comprising of: - 81 belts - 14 braces - 75 bow ties - 9 scarves - 2 handkerchief trade packs - 12 leather wallets - 75 cufflinks - 32 junior bow ties - 4 junior belts - 1 junior braces - 17 belts for women - 16 corporate / workwear belts
Competitive to
Van Heusen, Jeff Banks, Fossil
Sits next to
Trent Nathan, Brooksfield, Boston Brothers, Rodd & Gunn, Ben Sherman
Country of Origin