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Established in 1946, the Viennese company STRIESSNIG has an illustrious history; STRIESSNIG textile accessories successfully combine tradition with modern design. STRIESSNIG shawls, ties, stoles, ponchos, bow ties, pocket squares, and scarves for men and women come in a variety of quality fabrics, from cashmere to synthetic fibre.These are premium products at very good value for money.

The well-established Otto Striessnig accessories company orients its collections towards an audience appreciative of classic design on a premium quality product. STRIESSNIG produces and distributes two main collections per year, and another two of ties only, as well as maintaining two further permanent collections: one of basic items and a higher-end art collection.

STRIESSNIG exhibits products at numerous fashion fairs across Europe and it is currently selling successfully across Europe. Quick delivery is on offer and STRIESSNIG also carries stock.


“Accessories give a special touch to the appearance of modern men and women, which help one stand out from the crowd. Our company combines tradition, modern design, and high quality fabrics, which is what has been highly appreciated by our clients since 1946. ” Director, STRIESSNIG

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2; an additional 2 of ties only. Permanent collection of basic items; permanent higher end art collection.
Average Wholesale
Scarves of natural fiber: 20€ and higher
Scarves of synthetic fiber: 7€ and higher
Silk ties: 11€
12% - 15%
Collection Size
150, adaptable to the market
Competitive to
Passigatti, Luise Steiner, PURSET, FRAAS
Sits next to
Gerry Weber, ZERRES, Lebek, Pioneer, Olymp
Country of Origin