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Satanic Mill is the name given to sweatshops during the British Industrial Revolution. This Satanic Mill is just as much of a game changer. This time the difference lies in design, a rock n roll vibe, all done in the UK as before. From decaying urban walls to digital piracy, Satanic Mills looks at today’s environment and makes shirts that truly and independently reflect what is happening. 

Fabrics, buttons, and production are meticulously delivering a high quality garment that is already selling in independent locations across the UK. Forward selling and quick delivery within weeks from own facility depending on fabric in stock.  

“Inspired by revolutions from the industrial to the design, Satanic Mill garments make a statement. ” Director, Satanic Mill

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
23€ - 34€
$26 - $40
12.5% agent/ 25-30% distributor discount
Collection Size
Competitive to
Claudio Lugli, Ralph Lauren, Robert Graham, A Fish Named Fred, Circle of Gentlemen
Sits next to
Claudio Lugli, Ralph Lauren, A Fish Named Fred, Circle of Gentlemen, Boss, ETON, Vivienne Westwood, Jeffrey West, Scotch and Soda, True Religion
Country of Origin
United Kingdom