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Created with love by sisters Liesbeth and Violet, POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam has a clear signature: unique shawls and ready to wear collection in vibrant patterns and finished with colourful trim.  This has helped POM Amsterdam partner with 650+ retailers across Europe and collaborate with prestigious institutions including the Rijksmuseum and KLM / Royal Dutch Airlines and NIVEA.

POM Amsterdam creates all prints and patterns in-house and produce mainly in Europe. Their aesthetic has proven, widespread appeal, as shown through the successful international chain Anthropologie & Hudson's Bay picking up the brand.

Woven and print shawls can be tied in numerous ways thanks to their shape; the founders have added ready-to-wear garments and homewares to the original line. They are now seeking sales representatives to help them expand the brand, and to this end they exhibit in numerous fashion fairs.



“We want to add a sparkle to people’s live by bringing them a unique and colourful 'Piece of Mine’. ” Matthijs Bijl, CEO POM Amsterdam

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 and 1 smaller Christmas collection
36 – 44
Average Wholesale
Shawls: 22€ - 33€ / $25 - $38
Ready-to-Wear: 22€ - 52€ / $25 - $61
Collection Size
Main collections: 50 shawls, 25 ready-to-wear styles Christmas collection: 15 shawls and ready-to-wear styles
Competitive to
Becksöndergaard, Codello
Sits next to
Maison Scotch, Summum, Samsoe&Samsoe, 10 Feet, Second Female, Essentiel Antwerp
Country of Origin