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Every design and manufacturing step required to turn out the Paola Collection for women happens at company headquarters.  Since 1989, Paola Collection has made tailored clothes for women, importing Italian and French fabrics.  Exhibiting at international trade fairs has brought brand awareness, and the company has a large number of existing accounts in Ireland and England.  Paola Collection is now seeking new sales representation to help them expand sales in these countries.


“Superb quality, unique design!” Director, Paola Collection

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
38 - 48
Average Wholesale
£80 - £120 / 86€ - 130€
12.5% agent; 15% distributor
Collection Size
Competitive to
Betty Barclay, Vera Mont, Jean Paul, Aryton, Deni Cler, Semper, Potis&Verso
Sits next to
Country of Origin