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With a loyal Canadian customer base now expanding worldwide, ORB is able to build strong relationships. ORB sells only to specialty shops and stays away from large national chain stores or discount retailers, ensuring solid brand standards and recognition. Already selling in USA, ORB is looking to build on a strong foundation built over 25 years in order to attain international recognition. A wide range of women looks to ORB for unpretentious, elegant products for work, a big night out, relaxation, and play.

ORB produces jackets, dresses, skirts, fashion tops, sweaters, leggings, handbags, and numerous accessories for women. The athletic collection features workout wear and running wear including jackets, technical tops and sport bras, tights, shorts, underwear, and accessories. All jackets are made with much higher than required waterproofing and breathability to match the finest outdoor products. Fabrics and prints are proudly developed by the brand itself, ensuring exclusivity.  All offered with Canadian warmth. 


“ORB – Orchestrating Beautiful. Anywhere, any weather, anytime.” Director, ORB

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
£41 - £56
48€ - 66€
US$55 - US$75
12% plus incentive agent; 25% plus incentive distributor
Collection Size
Competitive to
Lolë, Dex, MinkPink
Sits next to
Lolë, Dex, MinkPink
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