Lords of harlech logo

Lords of Harlech creates own textiles and pushes manufacturing techniques to new heights in order to deliver garments that are truly special. Colour, print and use of innovative techniques are emphasized to create individual fabrics and garments.

Established in 2015, Lords of Harlech is the work of a syndicate of recognised European designers who have gathered to make an unique collection of menswear. The result is a collection that brings together trends, beauty, technology, spectacular textiles and wearable silhouettes. Forward selling.


“The lords of harlech have partnered with some of the finest manufacturers around the world in creating our vision. We hope you share our passion. ” Director, Lords of Harlech

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
Shirts: £30 / 36€
Outerwear: £60 - £100 / 70€ - 120€
Knits: £18 - £41 / 20€ - 50€
Pants: £26 -£31 / 30€ - 37€
Accessories/ties: £18 / 21€
15% agent; 30% distributor
Collection Size
25; multiple colourways in addition
Competitive to
Ted Baker, Paul Smith, Scotch & Soda, Nigel Hall
Sits next to
Ted Baker, Paul Smith, Scotch & Soda, Nigel Hall
Country of Origin
United States