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The concept for LAUDEM DEO started with striking pieces of fabric literally tied around women ﹘ now, seams and hems have been placed into garments so that anyone can wear these styles. Carefully sourced fabrics in beautiful prints continue to be central to these dresses, skirts, tops, and scarves. Because they can be adjusted to your body type, they truly look good on everyone. Women deserve to feel beautiful in clothing, and LAUDEM DEO hopes to create considered clothing that does just that. 

“What a woman chooses to clothe herself in will impact the way she feels and carries herself.” Director, LAUDEM DEO

Brand Profile

LAUDEM DEO are a proudly South African brand and by producing garments in this country, LAUDEM DEO are creating job opportunities for men and women in a sector that has been under strain for the last few years. In the long run, LAUDEM DEO wishes to fund charities that build up South Africa and hopeful futures as well as make timeless clothes – twinned purposes that LAUDEM DEO is equally passionate about.  In order to fulfill this vision and make a real impact, volume is needed. Thus, LAUDEM DEO is seeking to export whilst building the integral value of the brand and everything it stands for.  

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Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
USD $39 - $149
Collection Size
18 - 23
Competitive to
BCBG, Jane Sews, Zara, Club Monaco
Sits next to
BCBG, Jane Sews, Zara, Club Monaco
Country of Origin
South Africa