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L’assessor is a successful, established family brand in Finland, dating back 50 years. In 1992, L’assessor utilised years of experience with textiles to set up an in-house collection.  L’assessor is the top-selling scarf brand in Finland, offering quality and good value for money.  It also offers a range of complementary accessories.  After positive initial forays exporting products into Sweden and Denmark, L’assessor is looking to solidify a presence.  To this end, L’assessor is showing at fashion fairs in both countries.

L’assessor is able to offer sales stands and marketing materials to retailers at no extra cost.  Quick delivery is also available.  L’assessor carries stock.


“The name L’asessor comes from the family name Lassooy which originates from a French word for silk – la soie – It seems organic that our family follows in the footsteps of our forefathers.” Director, L'asessor

Brand Profile

In addition to scarves, L’assessor sells a very wide range of headwear, handwear, and umbrellas for ladies.  Colours match across all L’assessor ranges for easy mixing and matching.  Classic styles are enhanced by modern designs.


Collections P/A
2 with additions throughout the season
Wide selection
Average Wholesale
10 - 50€
12% agent
Collection Size
100 with multiple colourways
Competitive to
BeckSöndergaard, Dea Kudibal, Passigatti
Sits next to
BeckSöndergaard, Filippa K, Tiger, SAND, SAMOON, Gerry Weber, Ril’s, Andiata
Country of Origin