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Jody Bell creates strong, elegant designs that encapsulate femininity. Inspired by exotic travel, collections stay true to the passion for looking and feeling wonderful in gorgeous locations.

Dedicated to traditions that go back generation after generation, many of Jody Bell’s products are made in Spain by hand. With intricate attention to detail, using handmade unique Jody Bell fabrics with their signature logo running subtly throughout the prints, and included is a rose gold bell on every garment and hand bag. 

The brand has been receiving growing attention from celebrities and bloggers, such as: @lolaponce, @missamywillerton and @devinbrugman.


“Jody Bell; elegant-confident-inspiring. Collections that travel the world, effortlessly.” Director, Jody Bell

Brand Profile

Able to be dressed up or down, whether it’s a stroll along the beach or out for dinner there is a piece to suit the occasion. Owning a “Jody Bell” transports you to wonderful locations and fabulous resorts already visited, or yet to experience.  


Collections P/A
up to 3 collections
up to UK 14
Average Wholesale
€40 to €200
12.5% Agent; 30% Distributor discount
Collection Size
Competitive to
Melissa Odabash, Spell Byron Bay, Stella McCartney
Sits next to
Melissa Odabash, Spell Byron Bay, Stella McCartney
Country of Origin