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IVKO makes knit coats, jackets, dresses, pants, cardigans, pullovers, scarves, skirts, and other accessories for women. IVKO has always let its products evolve in a natural way – a strategy that has seen the company consistently satisfy global customers and receive praise at major industry fairs since 1986.

A small quantity of stock is carried and IVKO can offer quick delivery on these pieces.  IVKO has sold very favourably all over the USA for several years now.  The company has an office Stateside and all deliveries are cleared for buyers by the US office.  A full back-up service is offered to interested reps / showrooms. 

“We believe our meticulous attention to detail reflects our most important asset: the woman underneath our clothes.” Director, IVKO Woman

Brand Profile

Artisanal design is backed up by solid craftsmanship and elegant silhouettes in all IVKO knit and woven pieces.  A unique visual language emerges and continues to evolve.  Many pieces can be mixed and matched to layer pattern and colour in an unusual, tapestry-like manner.  Colour palettes are subtle and restrained – but passionate and intensely original.

Collections P/A
36 - 44
Average Wholesale
USD $90 - 115
Collection Size
100 - 130
Competitive to
Twin-Set, Aldo-Martín, Catherine André, Oleana, King Louie, ana alcazar
Sits next to
Noa Noa, Custo Barcelona, Liebeskind, Lena Hoschek, Rosemunde
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