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ISABEL DE PEDRO has more than 40 years of experience dressing women around the world. The brand, established in 1969, was created to dress elegant, sophisticated women with strong personalities. ISABEL DE PEDRO believes that the combination of a experienced apparel designer and a young, creative design team produces collections that are both new and great. What makes this brand different from other womenswear brands in the market is that ISABEL DE PEDRO creates original prints and produces them exclusively. This, added to the sophisticated silhouettes of their garments, results in a truly distinctive collection.

“We are proud of the fact that a large number of our agents have been with us for many years - this shows consistent strong performance every year.” Director, ISABEL DE PEDRO

Brand Profile

100% made in Spain with a Barcelona spirit! PRODUCTION LEAD TIME IS 2 MONTHS FROM ORDER CONFIRMATION.


Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
USD $112
Collection Size
175 /185
Competitive to
Sarah Pacini, Elisa Cavaletti, Aldo Martins, Twin Set
Sits next to
Sarah Pacini, Elisa Cavaletti, Aldo Martins, Twin Set
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