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Established in 1982, INOCHI produces ready-to-wear fur garments, fur accessories and home deco products made from fur. Only a few fur companies around the world have their own production line and their own dressing and dyeing factory; INOCHI is among them. Furthermore, the company has one of the largest production capabilities in Europe, with 3 factories and more than 300 employees. As a result, the company has the power to produce and deliver high quality products very quickly. All fur products are prepared, dressed and coloured under strict ecological and ethical conditions.

INOCHI holds the rarely awarded certification Oeko-Tex Standard100 and the ISO 9001:2008 certification. In addition, the work is conducted within the methodical atmosphere of an 'atelier'. Each piece is unique. Due to the experience and knowledge of the technicians and practitioners, every order is turned out with speed and precision.

“In all our research and product development, we adhere to a simple philosophy. Nothing but Excellence will do.” Director, INOCHI

Brand Profile

The brand is built on strong and explicit understanding of the material, the craft, and a strong relationship with the customer. Every order is individually executed.

Forward selling with quick delivery.

Collections P/A
34 - 52
Average Wholesale
Fox: 300€ - 600€ / £258 - £516
Mink: 900€ -1500€ / £775 - £1292
Lynx, Sable, Chinchilla: +3000€ / £2584
Collection Size
150 - 200
Competitive to
Premium/ luxury collections
Sits next to
Premium/ luxury collections in individual speciality boutiques
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