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Inspired by the changing meaning of style throughout the times, Innovadia & Co. presents womenswear collections based on specific decades.  Signature looks are translated into the modern day with meticulous attention to quality and timeless elegance in carefully chosen fabrics. 

Forward selling with quick delivery, Innovadia & Co. carries stock.


“Innovadia & Co. strives to strike a subtle balance between retro styles and innovation. Our designs are inspired by the ladies of the 1950s; the unbridled, modern energy of the 1960s; and the reflections on the true meaning of life of the 1990s. ” Innovadia & Co., Director

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Innovadia & Co. lives up to its name by innovatively presenting its collections by decade.  Innovadia & Co. make everything the modern woman needs, from coats and jackets to accessories.


Collections P/A
2: Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter
S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Average Wholesale
118 – 254€
Collection Size
60 - 70
Competitive to
Moma, Loranzo
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