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For 30 years, Hudson & Onslow has offered vibrant and elegant prints ideal for ladylike everyday wear as well as that special occasion. H&O is a particular favourite for weddings, garden parties, and mother-of-the-bride outfits. Currently selling successfully in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia.

“Beautiful fabrics at reasonable prices ” Director, H&O CLASSIC

Brand Profile

The aim of H&O is to fill the considerable gap between high-end merchandise and the high street, with reasonable prices for refined garments.  With experience and a reputation for exclusive prints, H&O creates exciting contemporary outfits for mum and daughter.  H&O is well known for comfortable fits, in plain and fancy fabrics which co-ordinate with the prints.  The company has a team dedicated to responding to any queries or repeat requests within 24 hours.


Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
Jackets: 27€
Blouses: 23€
Dresses: 31€
Skirts: 27€
Trousers: 23€
European agents 15%
Collection Size
50 fully co-ordinated articles in the collection
Competitive to
Gerry Webber
Sits next to
Marble Knitwear
Country of Origin
United Kingdom