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With 40 years of success, Gipsy is the leading supplier of leather jackets in Germany and has a strong presence in the EU as well. Collections for men and women are available.  Gipsy offers impressive value for money as well as fantastic forward selling, quick delivery and NOS options.  The NOS programme is made up of more than 20,000 articles.  Pre-order is 6 months.

All leathers used in Gipsy products are vegetable tanned. The products are continuously tested by independent testing laboratories. The company’s production centres are controlled by BSCI for social standards.


“Live your passion. Be bold and unique. Swim against the current, and you will love Gipsy fashion. ” Director, Gipsy

Brand Profile

Gipsy offers slimfit and normal ranges. Numerous design options can be selected. 

Collections P/A
2 and a NOS program
Average Wholesale
Leather jackets: 61€ - 79€ / £52 - £68

Collection Size
20 – 25
Competitive to
Oakwood, Milestone
Sits next to
Oakwood, Milestone
Country of Origin