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Established in 1985, ETHERION fur collection communicates passion for working with fur. ETHERION is loved by women and men with a relaxed, sophisticated attitude to fashion. Customers can choose from a variety of pieces for easy urban strutting, glamorous evenings or weekends at the ski slopes.

All fur garments offered by ETHERION are made of truly sustainable material by experts in fur manufacturing. 


“We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, craftsmanship and design, since our establishment in 1985. ” Director, ETHERION

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
One AW
Italian 38 to 48
Average Wholesale
Full fur skins garment: £775
Fur sections garment: £345
Fur with fabric: £430
Collection Size
approx. 40 to 50
Competitive to
Yves Salomon, Manzoni 24, Sprung Freres
Sits next to
Yves Salomon, Manzoni 24, Sprung Freres, other similar brands.
Country of Origin