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Established in 2012, EKRIA makes visionary, minimalist jewellery and fashion accessories for contemporary men and women around the world. EKRIA pieces are offered in gold plated sterling silver and 14 / 18 carat gold. EKRIA aims to redefine luxury in an attainable, universal way. Founded by Esra Karadeniz, EKRIA is based in Istanbul. Each collection is composed of unique, original patterns.


“Our inspiration is from esoteric knowledge such as ancient civilizations, architecture and nature.” Director, EKRIA

Brand Profile


Collections P/A
2: permanent collection in addition
Gender-neutral products with one size for men and one size for women. Items adjustable.
Average Wholesale
Collections in gold plated sterling silver: £96
Collections in 14 carat gold: £360
Collections in 18 carat gold: £672
Collection Size
20 pieces in 3 materials (gold plated silver, 14 / 18 carat gold), 3 colours (rose, white, yellow) and 3 finishes (matte, shiny, diamond-brushed)
Competitive to
Kismet by Milka, Tiffany's
Sits next to
Kismet by Milka, Tiffany's
Country of Origin