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DivaBra makes adhesive push up wing bras, worn on red carpets by hundreds of celebrities worldwide. It’s a unique product on the market, protected by international patents. DivaBra is an adhesive wings bra that looks a lot like a regular push up and underwire bra, but it is strapless and backless. It is perfect for special outfits or dresses such as prom dress, nightgowns, wedding dress, deep plunge dress, backless tops. he medical strong hypo allergenic adhesive that keeps the bra in place is easy to put in and off is re-usable for 50 times.

DivaBra was selling under private label for major retailers in the USA for over 10 years, but since 2013 the brand had been selling successfully as DivaBra at the biggest department store in Europe. The company now offers country exclusivity on a high demand and fashionista product. DivaBra has an European Warehouse in Spain that allows delivery to all Europe in 24-72h. Already selling in Spain, Portugal, Australia, Hk, Taiwan, Russia, Canada and USA.


“Do not mistake our bras, with the adhesive cups that a woman stick on her breast. Those does not lift nor offer any support. Our Bras are a fully support bra, adding push up and extra comfort!” Director, DivaBra

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Non seasonable
Bra cups A, B, C and D
Average Wholesale
16€ - 18€
12,5% plus negotiable super-bonus based on goals
Collection Size
5 styles, in 4 sizes (20 Skus)
Competitive to
A unique product therefore non competitive
Sits next to
Fashion accessories
Country of Origin
United States