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CLARYS is a children’s footwear brand established in 1991. Its founder, D. Francisco Domene, was honoured by the Ocbutre shoe museum in 2008 for lifetime achievement as a shoe manufacturer.The brand’s goal is to produce high quality footwear and exclusive designs representing the current fashion trends and also providing an absolutely comfortable fit. CLARYS currently maintains a presence in 26 countries across 5 continents and continues to expand through the outstanding work of a committed group of people. The brand has proven a great consumer acceptance since its launch in 1991. 


“We are proud to say that all our products are designed and made in Spain.” Director, Clarys

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2: Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer
17 - 40
Average Wholesale
25 - 40€ / £20 -32
Collection Size
Competitive to
Eli1957, Beberlis, Unisa, Oca Loca. Starite, Simonetta, Ciao Bimbi, Walk Safari, Gallucci
Sits next to
Eli1957, Beberlis And Unisa, Oca Loca
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