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The stimulating, lively colours used in Bryt (pronounced ‘bright’) socks are achieved used eco-friendly pigments and long, narrow fibres hand picked in the Turkish Aegean region.  The resulting thread count and soft yarn feel wonderful on the feet.  An anatomical fit and plush tissue inserts further ensure that Bryt socks are comfortable as well as look great.  These quirky socks are intended to appeal to every culture, skin colour, and religion.  They are for those who want a kick of confidence and shine.  Bryt socks set the highest ever conversion rate on Kickstarter; proof of demand.


“Not for the faint hearted; the brightest brand ever!” Director, Bryt

Brand Profile

To make selling Bryt socks as easy as possible on the retailer, the company offers a range of options including the most popular designs in easy select bundles of 100, and fully stocked POS.  Restock quantity is also available.  Further, short orders are anticipated and stock levels are factored in.


Collections P/A
Small and Large
Average Wholesale
12.5% agent; 30% distributor
Collection Size
35 - 40
Competitive to
Happy Socks
Sits next to
Converse, Supreme, Adidas, Carhartt, Bianca Chandôn, Jaded, Vans, Levi’s, Dr. Martens, Herschel, Off-White
Country of Origin
United Kingdom