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Established in 1992 and providing comfort to new mothers in the years since, Bravado Designs creates a collection of comfortable and fashionable bras for breastfeeding mums. Leaders in their field, the company also stocks a diverse range cami’s and tank tops in a variety of different colors and sizes. Meeting strict quality and safety standards, Bravado Designs guarantee long-lasting, dependable and above all baby-safe bras for women. Now, stocked in over 30 countries, the brand is hoping to expand further and strengthen the brand ethos worldwide.


“Comfort never looked so good” Director, Bravado Designs

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Nursing bra sizes span 32 to 46 bands and B to H cups
Average Wholesale
Collection Size
Approximately 13 styles in the entire collection
Competitive to
Cake Lingerie, Anita Maternity, Belabumbum, Bella Materna, Motherhood Maternity
Sits next to
Cake Lingerie, Anita Maternity, Belabumbum, Bella Materna
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