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BOTTEGA DEL GUANTO® is a premium gloves and accessories brand manufactured through made in Italy handcrafted works! They offer gloves in a range of fabrics, from knit to leather selling in over 300 stores at present.


“BOTTEGA DEL GUANTO® is a mix of emotions. ” Director, BOTTEGA DEL GUANTO®

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
One collection of Autumn Winter; the fabric gloves can be sold all year
The fabric gloves are all one size, while the real leather gloves have sizes S, M and L
Average Wholesale
Fabric gloves £9 / 10€
Leather gloves £35 / €40
Distributor 30%
Collection Size
Age Group
16-60 years
Competitive to
UK Pia Rossini, Dents / GERMANY Roeckl
Sits next to
Country of Origin