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BORABO DESIGN BY KIGYOS features sophisticated, fresh, limited edition jewellery with a strong, recognisable design thanks to the renowned painter who creates this line. It is currently selling in many European countries and in the USA. Kigyos Borbala is a famous Hungarian painter and textile artist trained in Japan and the USA. Since 2013, Kigyos Borbala has been successfully turning out a collection of contemporary jewellery.

“My jewellery expresses the essence of femininity - the charm of beauty, the passion of revival, the exquisiteness of detail, and the purity of quality.” Director, BoraboDesign

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2, one of a kind pieces in addition
All sizes
Average Wholesale
£21 - £85
USD $27 - $110
12.5% agent; distributor negotiable
Collection Size
80 - 100
Competitive to
EVE by Eva Remenyi, Jujj Jewellery, Stonehouse Studio, Ford + Forlano
Sits next to
Rienne Creations, Vanda Ferencz, Frangos Jewellery
Country of Origin